Event Details

We are pleased to offer our dancers the 32nd year of the “Texas Hoe-Down.” The “Texas Hoe-Down” is part of the AMERICAN COUNTRY DANCE ASSOCIATION. We are dedicated to providing dancers with the most affordable, fun, and fair competitions that we can offer. It is the goal of the “Texas Hoe-Down” to provide a pleasant, competitive atmosphere, and pleasurable event to attend and dance. The “Texas Hoe-Down” is the second stop on the “2021" dance season for the A.C.D.A. Dance Circuit.

History of the "Texas Hoe-Down"

The “Texas Hoe-Down” was born in 1990 (OMG...32 long years ago...) with Jerry & Virginia Rainey wanting to offer a Country-Western Dance competition in the State of Texas. The Rainey’s had been visiting and competing in several dance competitions in surrounding states and wanted TEXAS to have the distinction of playing host to such an event. To their knowledge, no such event had ever been held in the State of Texas. This was prior to U.C.W.D.C. being formed and prior to Fun Country and the A.C.D.A.

That very first year, the Rainey’s were astounded with their response from the Dance Community. Dancers from all over flocked to Ft. Worth to participate in this “first” for Texas. Dancers were also in attendance from Canada, with a Canadian couple taking the “Texas Hoe-Down” jackets and belt buckles home with them to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Later, Jerry and Virginia would see them wearing their belt buckles as they danced at the “White Horse Saloon” on television.

We learn something new every year. We feel as if we have learned from our problems and ALWAYS try to correct them. Our main goal is to make sure that EVERYONE has a good time, is treated fairly, leaves happy, and puts the next year’s “Texas Hoe-Down” date on their calendars. We are placed in the “TOP 10" in the Nation. Our “Wealth of Workshops” which has always been held on the Friday of the competition week-end, has always been a tremendous success. These workshops are free with registration. Workshops on various dances are also offered on Saturday by some of the Nation’s top instructors. Private lessons can also be booked. We intend for the “Texas Hoe-Down” 2021 to be the best one ever. If you have any suggestions, recommendations, ideas, or complaints about the “Texas Hoe-Down,” please make it a point to look up Jerry, Virginia, Missy, or Judi and they will take care of any problem you might have. Have a good time...keep on dancin’...and THANKS to all of our wonderful dancers!!! The “Texas Hoe-Down’s” dedication to promote Country-Western Dance is certainly obvious to the Dance Community.

What's Being Offered

Couples Divisions are as follows: IV - III - II - I, SuperStars, and Royal SuperStars, Newcomer/Novice/ Intermediate/ Advanced Bronze, Novice/ Intermediate/ Advanced Silver, and Novice/ Intermediate /Advanced Gold. Youth Couples: Junior Youth - Junior Teen. (See Rules for category & age requirements.) Dances offered in all Couples Divisions are: 2-Step - Waltz - Non-Swing Category (Triple-2/ Polka/Cha-Cha/Night Club and Viennese Waltz) - East Coast/West Coast Swing. Line Dance Competition will be offered: Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, SuperStars, Junior, and Silver. Teams: Open Line, Open Partner, Silver Open Line and Silver Open Partner. (Small Team: 3-6 members; Large Team: 7 or more.) Also... the line dance area will again be covered up with line dance lessons and open line dancing all week-end. Pro-Am will be as follows: Pro-Am Male/Female with Divisions: Pre-Newcomer / Newcomer / Novice / Intermediate / Advanced / Pro-Am-ProPro Spot-Light / & Pro-Pro. Dances offered for Pro-Am are the same as offered in the regular Couples Competition. Any questions about any rules, guidelines, requirements, etc.
Contact Jerry or Virginia Rainey.

Invited Staff

David Appel, Rodney/Shannon Berry, Terri Bordeaux, Rody/Mona Broussard, Pam Butler, Bob Clanton, Terry Cummings, Ben DePuew, Red Draper, Rowdy Dufrene, Beth Emerson, Brian Franks, Carmen Goodman, Ken Graves, Danny Guenther, Chad Guidry, Pris/Ted Haase, Robert/Margaret Hines, Lynda Hollers, Shelley James, Russell Keller, Cynthia Kinnett, Eric/Stacy Marcotte, Monty Ham, Don McCarty, Ray Michiels, David/Karen Miller, Jeff/Robin Newman, Catherine Picard, Donya Poole, Kevin/Sherry Reynolds, Richard/Bonnie Robertson, Monique Rouleau, Robbie Seng, John/Lynda Vislosky and Bob Wheatley.   We’re certainly going to be overly blessed with great talent!!! I just hope I haven't left anyone off this fantastic list of talented folks.

Line Dancing

As for our Line Dancers, a line dance will be taught every hour on Friday, begining at 10:00 a.m. Then on Saturday and Sunday, we’ll have on-going lessons in the line dance area interleaved with open line dancing. The line dance area is always filled from early morning till late night with these high-energy folks. The Line Dance Competition will be held on Sunday.

For Our Competition Couples

This is an "Overall" Contest. Contestants must dance Five dances in Four categories to qualify for Overall, but individuals dancing just a minimum of dances will be scored. Pro-Am dances will be scored individually, therefore, the amateur can dance just one or as many dances as they want; however, to be eligible for Overall, the amateur would, also, need to dance Five dances in Four categories. Viennese Waltz has been added to the Non-Swing Category. 

(Best 2 Non-Swing, 2-Step, Waltz, Best Swing)

Anyone competing in any of the competitions will be required to purchase a week-end pass. NO Exceptions..

To be eligible to dance in our A.C.D.A. National Championships, the Compeitor must dance at least two events, with one event being a full program.

Thanks for Your Support!

Most of you know that producing an event of this size would be impossible without the help and support of many, many people. The “Texas Hoe-Down” wishes to thank the following folks for their loyal support over the past 32 years:  Action Photos (Paul Crow); Foster’s Western Wear, Denton, TX; Denton Trophy House, Denton, TX; Denton Hearing Health (Drs. Chris-Judi Caudle); Rody-Mona Broussard; Trailblazer Custom Scoring System (Ed von Adelung & Liz Buell); Country Dance Director (Kelly/Denise Strouse); Dance Connection (Grant Austin); Dance Sport Design (Kelly Kealy-Mayton); MarNad (Mahmood Hassan) and to all of our Judges and Instructors; all of our Volunteers; all of our wonderful C-W Dancers...and the list goes on and on... I’m certain to have missed someone...THANKS to all of you for helping make the “Texas Hoe-Down” the success it has always been.
--Jerry, Virginia, Missy & Judi

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